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By BLee

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  1. Hello, to who it may concern,

    I am using 915 D2, which was bought last year.

    Since there was some dirt and marks on the head, last weekend I cleaned my driver.

    putting the head in the warm water and then taking it out and then clean with dry towel.

    But one thing I found is that I could hear some sound like air-leaking, which seems to me water leaks in the head.

    So, my questions are:

    1. What does this sounds mean? 2. Is this normal(no problem) in terms of function 1or otherwise does it indicate the fault on the head?

    If everything was tight, I don't understand how the weak points are to allow moisture to get in.

    3. If water leaks in or the sound indicate some fault, what should I do? Should I go to the shop and request the change under the warranty? or just let the shop check and confirm this is no problem?

    For your reference, I attach one photo, where I could hear the sound.

    Please help!

    Post Image
  2. Dr. Kovatchian

    Dr. Kovatchian

    I would recommend not dunking any metal wood that has adjustable technology in a pool of water... You are simply asking for trouble by getting water in places it's not supposed to be. Use a wet Towel to clean your metal woods & hybrids.


    Dr. K
  3. zachcolburn

    Byron Center, Michigan

    This happens to me also, but only when I use warm water. I don't dunk the club, but I scrub it with a wet toothbrush. I think the sound just comes from air coming out of the little cracks by the weight. I haven't noticed any issues with my driver and I've been cleaning it like this for quite a while.
  4. John P

    John P
    Bella Vista, AR

    The weight port is an open hole that the weight screws into. I would start with unscrewing the weight and trying to get any water out and let it dry out. Most likely no issues with the head, just not meant to be submerged in water.
  5. pauldrue

    Nashua, NH

    If you have the tool, you can take out the weight, clean and dry the fitting hole, and then screw the weight back in.

    I wouldn't worry.

  6. Todd S

    Todd S
    Beavercreek, OH

    This happen to me also then I learned.. Don't soak any of the New Titleist woods or ap1 or ap2 irons. water gets inside the multi compound heads. If it is still rattling inside the driver I would take the weight off and try to shake the water out the hole. Let it dry out over night.
  7. Bill C

    Bill C
    Westport, MA

    Can anyone tell me the material on the face of a 915 D2 driver?
  8. Have you had anymore issues with this? I realize this thread is old but I was playing last week and on the 16th hole I heard a leaking noise coming from my driver. Upon inspection I discovered the leak was coming from the bottom edge of the club head. I've seen no difference in my shots but possibly a different noise during impact but this could all be in my head. Any help or input is appreciated.

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