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By BBull

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  1. My new set of titelist AP1 irons came in today and I took them to my local golf course and hit a large bucket of range ball, after hitting I was almost sick to my stomach to see the club faces of my irons to me this scratching looks a little much for one range session considering the irons I retired were 20+ years old and don't look like this. Has anyone had this issue, is it something I should be concerned about?

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  2. LB

    Chula Vista, CA

    I have the same problem with my set, too! I now regret replacing the shafts with Graphite Design Tour iron shafts because I want to get rid of my AP1 716 club set because of quality issue!
  3. Speedy

    Newmarket, NH

    I've had mine now for about 2 months, same irons as you and I've played about 10-12 rounds with them. So far I have not seen any issues like you.

    Looking at your picture and the face of the club, were you cleaning it? If yes, that's a tough brush...

    You can always go back to where you bought them and see what can be done...
  4. DV



    We can only assume your clubs came from a reputable dealer and they are not a set of knock-offs. I have been using a set of AP1s since February which I have used extensively both on the course and on the range. I have also practiced a lot from bunkers and I can honestly say I do not have a fraction of the wear that you are showing in your picture. Something isn't right here. Contact your dealer. Please let us know how this plays out.

    Best Wishes,

  5. Jerry R

    Jerry R
    Village Mills, TX

    I know you hate to see your new irons do this but I don't think it is out of the ordinary for new clubs today. I think it has to do with the steel that is being used today. I've seen this in non-Titleist clubs also. This is just my opinion and hopefully a Titleist rep. will chime in.
  6. Hi Bryant,

    We are sorry to hear about this issue. Please take your iron set to a local authorized Titleist retailer and have them contact our golf club warranty department. We will gladly setup a warranty inspection for any of your clubs showing wear and determine the best course of action. Let us know if you have any issues getting this arranged.


  7. So does this wear not look normal to you then Chris?
  8. Speedy

    Newmarket, NH

    BBull said:

    So does this wear not look normal to you then Chris?

    Not sure if this was meant for me or the other Chris but when i get home tonight I will be happy to take a pic(s) of my irons for you.. I do not see that type of wear on my new irons...

    However i would go with Chris's suggestion and have them sent in for warranty inspection if you're not happy.. Titleist will take good care of you..
  9. So does this look irregular to you Chris? Like I said this is the first new set of irons I have ever owned. The last set I had were 20 year old titelist that were given to me from my dad. If you think this looks like normal wear I won't worry with it. Considering it's a 100 mile drive to the nearest titelist dealer.
  10. Michael M

    Michael M
    London, OH

    I feel sick with you. I just ordered AP1s. I hope mine don't do that. What condition balls did the range have? Did you order your clubs direct from Titleist? Did all the irons scratch up? Is there anything you would do differently?
  11. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    I've seen this before from hitting range balls (rocks), especially when hitting off of turf. Range balls tend to slide up the face of the club because of their hard cover and because you are hitting down on the ball they are trying to spin, which just scuffs up the face of your club, even worse when you get turf/dirt on your club and don't wipe it off before hitting another ball.
  12. Trying to answer everyone's questions here, yes the irons came from a edmin watts store, all of the irons have similar etching to this, the 7 iron is the worst which is the club in the picture, I cleaned them with mild soap and a cotton cloth. The range I was hitting at was very nice, one of the nicer golf courses around here.
  13. DV



    Like I indicated, this is not a normal wear pattern unless you were hitting golf balls made from concrete. Please follow up with the Titleist Concierge's recommendation. Titleist will make good if your warranty is in effect. It is worth your while to follow their direction.

    Best Wishes,

  14. Dino J

    Dino J
    Burnaby, BC

    Hi BB, ... send them back to Titleist through the retailer that you bought them from. Titleist has been very good with me when I have encountered a problem with my equipment.

    I have been on this good earth a fair length of time and have seen many retailers, manufacturers etc. disappoint -- BUT Titleist has not been one of those companies. I have been pleasantly surprised at how well Titleist does in this area!
  15. Bob T

    Bob T
    East Otis, MA

    I do not go to hit balls at ranges where the balls are old and like rocks and can do damage to the club face. Even on the course a dirty ball can do this so keep your ball clean. Sorry to see what your going through and hopefully Titleist can resolve your problem.
  16. Spoke with a titelist warranty rep over the phone whom also saw this picture and agreed that this was abnormal along with his supervisor, he gave me his direct number and name and told me to go to the nearest titelist dealer and proceed with a warranty inspection. He seemed to think that this would be taken care of no problem considering he has never seen clubs with this type of wear after one range session. My only fear now is that I send them in and receive something back outside of the custom club spec I ordered. Hopefully it will all go smoothly.
  17. Dave N

    Dave N
    Lady Lake, FL

    I love my AP1's and I am sure you will too. I can't comment on what is going on with yours. Just saying you will be fine.
  18. I agree 100%!!
    I was also sick to see the wear on the faces.
    For $1,000, the clubs look old after 20 rounds and look worse than my 400 round Cleveland irons.
    That came into play when I realized that I didn't like them and wanted to take advantage of the store's return policy but was told they were too used

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