917 D3 paint job on the crown

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By chris b

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  1. chris b

    chris b
    Leesburg, VA

    I recently purchased the 917 D3 ... performance is fantastic, everything from the feel, ball flight, set up are all great. But there is one thing I am highly disappointed with. Let me first start by saying I am one of those golfers that puts on his headcover after EVERY drive before it goes back into the bag, just so there are no dings, scratches, etc on the head from banging around in the bag against other clubs. The paint job on the crown is knicking in spots. (pics to follow later) It almost looks like little rocks hit the top of the crown & put little "tick marks" on it. How does this occur? Is there something inside the headcover making these marks that I don't know about? I felt inside and found nothing. Is anyone else noticing anything like this with their 917? I mean I love the color, but the paint coming off is disappointing, especially with what I paid for the club. I have drivers all the way back to the 975D in the late '90s that all look brand new with just marks on the club face. All because I have taken care of each & every one of them from day one but keeping the headcover on all the time. Plus it has never been dropped accidentally out of the bag onto the cart path or ground. As you might be able to tell, I take the condition of ALL my clubs very seriously. Once I post pics to show the damage, is there anything that can be done by Titleist? Any Titleist Concierge have any thoughts on the matter?

    Thanks & Titleist is still #1 in my book!

  2. Hi Chris, Thank you for letting us know. Please take the head to your pro and have him/her set up an inspection. We have not heard of this happening and the Warranty department would like to bring it in and have it inspected for defect.
  3. chris b

    chris b
    Leesburg, VA

    Ok thanks. I will see if they can send it in. Guess I will have to go back & play with the 915 for a while.
  4. Can I see the pics as the paint is chipping on my 917 where it meets the face. I haven't hit any skied shots but any shot where the ball compresses high on the face is chipping paint off. I had a similar issue with a miz 3 wood a few years ago and they sent me a new head as the paint was overlapping the face by a few millimetres too much.
  5. chris b

    chris b
    Leesburg, VA

    I will try and get some pics of the head tonight. I keep forgetting. Not like I have anything else to do in this cold! HA!
  6. Do you have alignment sticks in your bag? I saw a friend have the same thing and the marks were from the alignment sticks scratching the crown of his driver.
  7. chris b

    chris b
    Leesburg, VA

    Nope ... no alignment sticks in my bag, especially while playing. I only use them on the practice range & I never tote the bag around without the headcovers on them. That's why it's baffling to me.
    And of course, I forgot to take pics Again last night. Reminder now set in phone! HA!
  8. I've noticed this with my new 917 d3. Where the face meets the crown seam, appears to be chipping slightly after hits high on the face. 2 rounds, maybe 150-200 range balls in. Have an info request in to the warranty team.

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