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By Ryan

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  1. Ryan

    west hollywood, CA

    Is there a major difference between the CB's and the AP2's? More forgiving, more distance, more control? Always curious to get feedback from people who play the clubs versus the club write ups on sites. Any info would be appreciated.

  2. Kyle J

    Kyle J

    The CB's are harder to hit consistently, they aren't as forgiving as the AP2's. I enjoy the feel and response I get from the CB's vs the AP2's. The "sweet spot" is smaller on the CB's, but again it is a trade off for feel for me.
  3. Robert

    Corpus Christi, TX

    as Kyle mentioned. the AP2's are a lot easier to hit the sweet spot and more forgiving. i've tried hitting the CB's and the few times i hit them, i did hit the sweet spot and they felt great. though my misses were not pretty. head over to a shop and try them out.
  4. Nano


    It's funny, I expected what Kyle J mentioned. However, when I attended a Titleist Rep fitting, the CBs out performed the AP2s on pure hits and miss hits. It may have just been my swing that day.

    My misses are thin and toe. It may have been that I was hitting a 7i. One of the 'forgiveness' features of the CBs is on toe hits. In the fitting I lost 7 yards on toe hits with the CBs, and 10 yards on toe hits with the AP2s. My misses on thin hits were very close and harder to judge, due to roll-out conditions.

    I love my CBs. They've help reduce my HCI from 20-22 to 13.

    I'd say, at the very least, hit them both in the same demo, or get a fitting. And go with an open mind.

    Good Luck!
  5. I found both the 716 and 718 cb and ap2 to be very similar in performance and forgiveness with a very slight advantage in distance loss on mishits to go to the ap2.
  6. Ryan,
    I was in the same boat you are when I was trying to decide between the CBs and AP2s. For me the AP2s performed better during my fitting, but as we all preach on here go for a fitting and try both and see what works best for you.

    Merry Christmas

  7. Steve R

    Steve R
    Washington Crossing, PA

    According to the Maltby Playability Factor Chart, the CB's are actually more forgiving.
  8. clayton t

    clayton t
    decatur, AL

    I actually like what my instructor said when I was trying to decide what clubs to purchase I looked at Orlimar, Wilson, Spalding, and even Ap1 before I decided to get AP2's.

    Do you want clubs to just get by or get clubs that will better your game and learn to hit them
  9. Tim H

    Tim H
    St Louis, MO

    I demo'd both, chose the CB's, better ballflight vs. Forgiveness. Depends on ball striking ability.
  10. I hit the 718 ap2's and they did feel good. The distance was good but then I tried the 718cb's and they went further and feel great. If you dont like the looks of a club, never get it. Either club is nice looking but in my opinion the CB's have a better feel. I have the 4,5,6 irons in cb and mb in the 7,8,9, and pw irons.
  11. My 15 yr old son, a plus handicapper, moved to the CBs about 15 months ago. For all the reasons above, feel was better, ball flight great. But we're realising that the length consistency has never come right, compared to his old AP1s, and that's really costing his competition scores.

    We're about to do the expensive experiment of moving to AP2s as a proper long-term test.

    Very interested to hear comments from anyone who has done any comparison across time / competition situations.
  12. I switched from CBs to AP2s and couldn’t be happier!
  13. I have used the 716 CBs for 2 years now and the biggest difference for me when testing both was the ability to flight the ball I had the control of a blade but with the forgiveness of a cavity back in the cbs while when trying to hit different shot shapes with the ap2s I felt like it would just straighten everything out and don’t get me wrong hitting the ball straight is a good thing but I like to have a little workability and shape the ball
  14. AndrewZ

    Lagrange, OH

    I played 712cb’s as my 2nd set ever and I started playing better and more consistent with them. I transitioned to 714/716 ap2 over the years and I always longed to be back to the cb’s cuz the feel and consistency was great. I just recently bought a set of mb’s (Prolly have no business even looking at them) but they look great to my eye and just make me happy so we’ll see what direction I go this season.
  15. Michael E

    Michael E
    New York

    So as per the Titleist rep in my area, starting from the 716's on the cb's are just as forgiving as the AP2's which is why i made the switch from the AP2's to the cb's that year forward. Up to that point, i never would have thought id change, been 4 years and two sets later, i still love them, easy to work them either way, they feel smooth & PURE.. I wouldnt hesitate!
  16. Deno

    Hawthorne, NJ

    CBs mostly for me. I also play MBs once every few rounds. I sold my AP2s.
  17. Deno

    Hawthorne, NJ

    Deno said:

    CBs mostly for me. I also play MBs once every few rounds. I sold my AP2s.

    ......and added 718 AP2s to the Titleist corner.

    Post Image
    Post Image
  18. I play the AP2 but recently hit the CB side by side on trackman and found the CB to be more forgiving and better feeling for me. I had the same shafts in each set and I personally also prefer the swing weight of the CB. They will be my next set.
  19. All of the above have merit of personal experience so the conclusion must be that until you test them side-by-side under the view of an experienced fitter plus Trackman/GC Quad you will only be guessing... Testing on-course would also help.
    In the end, it's a very personal decision.

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