Played First Round with 917D3 Yesterday

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By Mike C

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  1. Mike C

    Mike C
    Dallas, TX

    I put my new 917D3 9.5 degree with RIP a 74g shaft into play yesterday and was quite impressed with the results. I generally like to have the new clubs on the day they came out but it took me a while to convince myself to come over to the 917 from the 915 because I liked the 915D3 so much. I finally broke down and ordered one to put into the bag (as well as a 917F3 15 degree with a Proforce V2 76g shaft).

    Well, my round yesterday had pretty impressive results. I was going through the round in my head today and was thinking of how many holes where I only used my driver, 60 degree wedge and putter on the hole. To have so many great drives in a round I was surprised when I went back and thought about it. Some of the better driving holes that come to mind were:

    #1 400 yards, 70 to the pin after my drive. #9 361 yards, 65 to the pin after my drive (only drive in the rough). #10 326 yards, drove the green off the tee. #12 383 yards, 60 to the pin after my drive. #15 390 yards, 65 to the pin after my drive. #18 373 yards, 55 to the pin after my drive.

    After a driving round like this I am sure glad I made the switch. Hopefully the "new club magic" has not worn off yet and I will have similar results today! Thanks for a great club!

  2. MB


    Those are some pretty impressive stats! Did you get fitted for them? And were the shafts upgrades?
  3. Mike C

    Mike C
    Dallas, TX

    MBelear said:

    Those are some pretty impressive stats! Did you get fitted for them? And were the shafts upgrades?

    The shafts in my clubs were fit for my swing at TPI Oceanside. These shafts have been around for a while but result in the best specs for my particular swing. They are both on the standard shaft matrix with no upcharge on the RIP a and a small upcharge on the V2 but ultimate prices are up to the individual retailer.
  4. Edward K

    Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

    Absolutely love mine. Although I really have to tone it down a little, as far as effort to swing
  5. Wade W

    Wade W
    Roanoke, VA

    Played my first round with the 917D3 this week. Definitely longer than the 913.

  6. been playing 917 a couple months now. I use same shaft I used in my 915 what I see is 917 plays maybe 4 to 5 yards longer than 915 launched lower than 915 biggest difference slight mishits with 917 go almost as far as center strikes
  7. James H

    James H
    Essex, 0

    I got fitted for my 915 D2 a few months after it came out and can honestly say I have never driven the ball as well as I do now. I previously had the 913 but it just didn't work for me and in between I switched to a TM R15 driver - which was a great club to be honest.

    I played in Scotland this Summer with an old friend I don't see that often and he remarked on how well the driver worked for me, especially as we were playing in 40mph winds!!

    I have been holding off as I can't justify the cost right now, especially as the 915 works so well but I am reading more and more great reviews here and may have to give one a try this weekend :)
  8. Mike C: Impressive! An average of 63 yards with your 60 wedge! How close to the pin??? Just kidding. How much improvement did you notice by changing from the 915D3 to the 917D3? Have you upgraded to the TS line?

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