Just found a set of old Titleist irons

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By WKrick

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  1. I found these at a Nashville antique shop. Could anyone tell me what model they are, and if so, what year they came out?

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  2. David ARK

    David ARK
    Sayville, NY

    Don't know what they are, but they are certainly beautiful! What an amazing find. Curious as to how much they were going for.
  3. I believe these were mid 1970's clubs. Acushnet was/is the parent company to Titleist .
  4. DV


  5. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    WKrick said:

    I found these at a Nashville antique shop. Could anyone tell me what model they are, and if so, what year they came out?

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    Resale value on these are as follows for a full set:

    Low: $18.93
    Mid: $22.27
    High: $25.61
  6. Steve N

    Steve N
    Chapin, SC

    Really interesting to see how the lofts have changed. Today's 7 iron is +/- 33. In that set it was 36.
  7. Steve N

    Steve N
    Chapin, SC

    Just found out the the Accushnet 108 irons were the first irons with game improvement produced by Titleist
    In what year was Acushnet Company's first iron, the Acushnet AC 108, produced?

    1972 - The Acushnet Titleist AC 108 irons were slightly larger than other irons at the time and featured tungsten weight inserts in the heel and toe that significantly increased MOI, improving performance as well as feel on off-center hits. The AC 108s were among the first irons ever developed that were truly forgiving.
  8. I owned a set of these clubs which i purchased in early 70's. I believe i paid $150. At the time they were titleist first attempt at tow and heal weighted clubs. Believe it or not i still have set somewhere in attic.John A
  9. AC 108's! First set of Titleist Irons. Still have the sand wedge in the garage and the 2 iron head on my desk.
  10. I just received these as a gift from my wife. I am enjoying cleaning up and re-fitting vintage clubs, and I have to say these are beauties that seem ahead of their time I'm excited to acquire; I had no idea anyone did tungsten inserts this far back. When I saw those and rolled them over and saw the era-telling groove pattern I was astonished. I cannot wait to get some time in with them, perhaps comparing them to my other distinct toe weight/heel weight heads of original Tommy Armour design, "Pro Series" knock offs I have to admit liking when I really just want to depend on the ball to go in a straight line instead of learning to "work it" (but the knock offs don't feature bimetal design... just some good, vintage-looking font in bold, off-white numbers nested inside parallel lines that look like something off of a dash board panel from inside the Millennium Falcon, so I just had to refurbish them).
    Now my beloved, leather Titleist bag will actually have Titleists in it!
  11. Dennis M

    Dennis M
    Miami, FL

    My first job as an Assistant Pro was right after college in 1972.

    We had that set in the shop then. I'm not sure if it was a brand new introduction that year or came out earlier.
  12. Just got a set today 2-pw regular flex for 10$ really in great shape
  13. Anybody know what the letters and numbers on the hosel ferrule mean? For instance my set bought in early 70's has A2CR5A

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