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By michael b

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  1. michael b

    michael b
    penn valley, CA

    Thinking about adding a driving iron to the bag for control off shorter par 4s. What do you guys suggest. I am a 7 handicap.



    Depending on what you currently have in your bag to replace. I would suggest the 716 T-MB 2 iron (the tungsten weighting in the toe and heel of the club makes it easier to hit straight in my opinion) or a hybrid, the 816 H2 (the 816 H2's launch a little lower than the 816 H1's).
  3. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I use my 816h1 hybrids on the shorter par fours. Either my 17* or my 21*. Have you considered that. Love the carry, loft, accuracy and distance they provide,
  4. Hi Michael, I have added a T-MB 2 iron to my bag recently specifically for the same reason. The course I play at has 4 or 5 short par 4's on each course, we have 36 holes, that I uise my 2 iron off. Sometimes I even use it on the mid lengthe par 5's that I can't hit onto in 2, mainly because of bunkers at the front that would cvatch my 3 wood. I can hit 2 iron, 4 iron and then 9 iron / p wedge.

    I get great control most of the time and my best drives with it have been a bit over 215 m (235 yards). I play off 14 but hit the ball better than that, it's my putting that kills my game, 5 or 6 3 putts every round.
  5. Mike H

    Mike H

    Probably not exactly what you want to hear, but a 816 h2 is a great more controllable club over an actual driving iron.

    The Tmbs are great clubs from the few times I have had a chance to hit them but from off a tee I would be more likely to use a hybrid. The h2 is smaller and has the offset like an iron.
  6. Dakota

    Johnson City, TN

    Can't go wrong with a T-MB 2iron or Hybrid. As always though, go get fitted and make sure you fill in those gaps!
  7. augusto r

    augusto r
    ewa beach, HI

    I agree 816H is much easier to hit ,versus a driving iron.
  8. augusto r

    augusto r
    ewa beach, HI

    On a short par 4,I would used 816H 19H ,21H or 23H ,much easy to hit or 3 iron or 4 iron,
  9. michael b

    michael b
    penn valley, CA

    Thanks for all the great advise. I appreciate the TT input, always great.
  10. Either 716 T-MB 2 iron , or if you want a more forgiving option , go with the titleist 503h 19 degree hybrid iron
  11. A lot comes down to preference as well. I just can't hit my hybrid, so it ends up staying in my bag. It's coming out for good once I upgrade my set and being replaced with another wedge.

    My set was too top-heavy with driver, 3 wood, hybrid and 2 iron.
  12. I have a 712U 3 iron with a UST Recoil 125F5 shaft that I added to the bag a while back for that same reason and love it. I get around 245-265 out of it. That being said, it's not great off the deck, whereas the 716 tmb that I'm switching to is. I have never been a fan of hybrids (to much height); several of my buddies have also dropped there 3 irons and added a tmb or something similar.
  13. mj

    Coquitlam, BC

    have both..swap them in and out depending on course and conditions
  14. ChrisTillery

    Carmel, IN

    I have thought this very same thing. Right now my bag is Titleist and TM. I have the TM M3 and the M1 (2017) 19 degree hybrid. Everything else in my bag is the Titleist 718 CBs P-4. I love hitting irons. I rather miss with an iron than miss with a hybrid... that's just a person preference for me.

    I may look at getting fitted to a 2 iron MB with a Titleist Thursday event. I know the shaft, lie angle... but still would like to try it.

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