Plans for smoke edition of 718 irons?

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By ZCampbell

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  1. Loved the look of the 716 AP1 Smoke irons. Would love to see them in the 718 line but maybe in the AP2 and/or T-MB. Love the looks of a black club behind the ball and would love to see more options in players irons going forward. What are other people’s thoughts?



    I agree, I want to get a new set of 718 AP3's, and I really like the look of the smoke irons as well. If it was an option, I would definitely pick that as my finish. sign me up. lol.

  3. Frank D

    Frank D
    Madison, CT

    Please add the smoke finish to the lineup - AP2 & 3 would be the best !!!
  4. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    With the new 720 irons coming out in the fall, wonder if that is in the works. Not really a fan of the smoke clubs. But looking forward to seeing the 720 AP3s in chrome. Nothing like the beauty of those chrome irons. Like has been said many times on this forum, choices. Maybe you all will get your wish with the new releases. Sure it will be based on demand from previous releases and how well they sold.
  5. Are the 720s likely to be the same as the 718 mb and cbs? Or as close as?

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