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By sfried

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    why does Titleist make it so difficult to find club head sizes for its fairway metals & hybrids??????????

  2. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    Never had a problem getting products from Titleist. Have always gotten my Fs and Hs in a timely manner when ordered. Completely satisfied and that includes shafts. =)
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    chuck, did u even read my question? ok, let me make it VERY simple:
    what is the head size for the 917 F2 18 degree? what is the head size of the 816 H1 & the 818 H1?
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    just post my reply to chuck, given he nor no one else seems willing to supply the answer(s). i would like Titleist would & should be the one source to comment!!!
  5. Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

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    The Fairway wood head sizes are listed...go to Clubs/Fairways and then scroll down a bit and the sizes are listed. Not sure where the Hybrid head sizes are listed (maybe they aren't).
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    barry b, thx; pathway not so obvious. odd Titleist doesn't give head size under the individual F2 specs, only when click on the heading - Fairways?? given that, find equally odd, Titleist does NOT supply head sizes for the Hybrids regardless of clicking on Hybrids itself, or on the individual H1/H2??? anyway, thx again for answering.
  7. 19hole
    Woburn, MA

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    I need to ask...Why are you so fixated on the head volume? If you are properly fix the actual volume of the head is not as important as the correct fitting of the clubhead and shaft.
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    reply to 19th hole: quite frankly, why couldn't u have simply provided the answer to my very specific question of H1/H2 cc head size , instead of pontificating?? i'll take care of which clubhead & shaft when fitted!!!

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