Anyone prefer the 913 series woods over the 915 series

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By LHechenbleikner

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  1. Anybody out here make the switch to a 915D3 and 915F 3 wood from their corresponding 913 counterparts and wish they hadn’t? After a few years of playing a 913D3 9.5 degree and 913F 15 degree setup, I made the switch a few weeks ago to the same setup in 915. I figured the newer models would be more forgiving, better flight, etc. but after a few rounds and a few very long range sessions I can’t wait to switch back. I used to get a nice boring trajectory off the tee and a higher flight off the deck with the 913F; I get the exact opposite with the 915F. Also, the active recoil channel tends to dig on shots off the deck in anything but hard conditions (which I almost never play in); never had this problem with the 913F. I feel that the 915D3 is just less forgiving and tougher to control over its predecessor. It should be noted that I used the same shafts (UST Proforce V2 65 and 75 series - extra stiff), hosel settings and weights (just screwed on the new heads).

  2. Daniel M

    Daniel M
    knoxville, TN

    Yes, I had a similar experience. I pre ordered 915D3 9.5 degree driver 15 degree 3 wood and hybrid just before they were being released. I played several rounds and many range sessions with them. I had a 910 D3 with a Fubuki Alpha shaft that I tried in the 915. For several reasons the 915's just didn't work for me. I ended up with a 913 D3 driver. The face just seems hotter. I also like the sound better. I use a non Titleist 3 wood and hybrid. I am in the process of changing out the hybrid for a T-MB. I didn't try the 917 series but will try the following series. Hope this helps. Dan
  3. Thanks Dan. I think for the mean time I’ll just go back to what I was used to and maybe check out the 917 over the winter. As far as the T-MB; I had a 2 iron in the bag for years when I played competitively in high school/early college (played 990’s) and picked up a 712U 3 iron when I got back into golf a few years ago and then just recently switched that out for a 716 T-MB 3 iron that was a nice upgrade; much more forgiving on mis hits. I went to my local shop and hit some balls with the trackman and it was pretty clear that my on course experience was accurate; all numbers were better for me with the 913 heads. No doubt related to my swing and familiarity but still surprising.
  4. JAM


    I made the switch from the 910 D2 10.5 and 910F 15 to the 915 D2 9.5 and the 915F 16.5 and had the opposite result. I have been very happy with the switch. A surprising number of the Titleist Brand Ambassadors still play the 915 drivers and/or fairway medals, most notably Speith, Thomas, Cantlay, etc., instead of the new 917's. Whatever works!

  5. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I didn't see enough change from the 913 D2 to upgrade. Swapped shafts only. For me, the 917 D2 was a game changer.
  6. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    Same here. I didn't care for the 915 series. I still use my 913 D2 driver but have switched to the 917 D2 3-Wood 16.5 which I hit a good 10 yds farther with a higher trajectory than the 913F2. Also picked up a couple of 816 H1 Hybrids. Hands down, the best Hybrids I've ever hit and I've been using Hybrids for about 7 or 8 years now.
  7. nate l

    nate l
    lees summit, MO

    I like my 913 d3 better than my 915.
  8. Thanks guys. I guess it’s more of a preference than whether it was truly an improvement/upgrade for some. I was just surprised as I had a good experience moving from the 910 series a few years back. I guess they changed them more and outside my personal preference area. I still play original AP2s and SM5s (both with newer shafts) and enjoyed testing the 716 AP2s and SM6s; just couldn’t justify spending the money as the improvement didn’t seem huge and I had all my shaft fit recently. Oh well, guess it’s back to the old trusty 913 for me!
  9. I've gone back on occasion to my 913 driver .the 915 makes a louder sound at impact.i feel I get a few more yards off the tee with the 913.
  10. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    Funny, I never fell in love with the 913D2. I liked my 910D2 and never felt like the 913 was quite as good for me. Then I switched to the 915D2 and loved it. When I switched to the 917D2, I wasn't blown away right off the bat. However, with a little time tweaking, testing and playing it for awhile, I absolutely love it now. Sometimes it's just about getting used to the new club.

    To confirm my new 917D2, I took it out to the first tee one evening at my club, a bit before dusk, when the course was quiet. I also took my 915D2. I had 3 different shafts for the 915. I drove balls with each driver and all 3 shafts in the 915D2. Any poor hits/swings were not counted. I marked the balls 917 or 915 with the corresponding shaft. After hitting about 15 balls into the fairway, all in the same general area, I drove out in a cart and picked them all up. I was actually surprised to find the longest ones were all from my 917D2. Some were 10 yards longer. I had only one in the longest group from the 915. I drove back and re-hit all the balls again with similar results. I was convinced at that the 917D2 was the best for me. Ever since, I have hit it with confidence, knowing that if I don't get it out there that far, it isn't the driver.
  11. N Anthony S

    N Anthony S
    Portland, OR

    I too tested the 915 against my 913. Personally I had better performance with my 913 so I stayed with it. I did make the switch to the 915 F Hybrids that I love. I have not tested the 917 as of yet. I will though over the winter.
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  12. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I kinda like the 917f over both of those. When I was fitted and tested the 915D2 vs the 917D2 is was agreed that unless we got at least a ten yard improvement in distance and some improvement in accuracy there would not need for a new driver. 'Nough said, I have the 917D2 in my bag. Much improved. Also the 816 hybrids are the most improved Titleist has come out with. Sold my 913 when the 915s came out. The 915 was a big improvement over the 913 drivers.
  13. Dennis H

    Dennis H
    Spring Valley, WI

    I put a 917D2 into play a few weeks ago. Easily the most forgiving driver I've ever had my hands on. I've had quite a few drivers as well...still have my persimmon Eye-o-matics.
  14. Steve N

    Steve N
    Chapin, SC

    917 has been a game changer for me vs. 915 & 910. Sold’em.
  15. 19hole

    Reading, MA

    I have found a consistent improvement with each new generation of club that Titleist releases. This holds true for the drivers, fairways, hybrids and irons.

    I noticed better dispersion when I went to the 915 from the 913 fairways. Then that improved again along with a bit more distance in the 917 fairways.

    A lot of it has to do with the shaft. Some of the 913 shafts just didn't work in the 915. That holds true for the 915 to the 917. don't make the assumption that the shaft you have today is still the right one for the next generation of clubhead. Get properly fitted and I think you will see an improvement with each new club generation.
  16. Nick D

    Nick D
    Long Beach

    After I played the 910s I went straight to the 915 thinking the 913 line was just a rebadged 910. I passed on the 913s for a long time until a buddy of mine was just hitting fairway after fairway with his 913D2. I found one in the used bin at my store and decided to give it a whirl. After playing it for a while, I was kicking myself for not trying it sooner. Shot my lowest round ever with that 913D2, too. After that I picked up a couple of the hybrids (I did try the 915 hybrids on multiple occasions) and they are still in my bag today, along with the best 3 wood I have found for me yet, the 913fd. I tried to like the 915f, just couldn't catch it clean off the deck consistently enough. The 915 drivers just didn't feel right to me, especially the D2. I did just pick up a 917D3, and it is much better.

    Long story short, the 913 line never got the credit it deserved IMO, one of Titleist's best. If you look closely enough you can still see the 913h in many PGA tour players.

    I don't play my 913D2 much anymore, but it will stay around for sure.... it's like my happy place, and I have no interest on trying other FW or hybrids anymore. Great line of woods.
  17. Kurt V

    Kurt V
    Austin, TX

    My 913 D3 10.5 is hard to replace. I was fit for a 915 D2 10.5 but sold it after a few months. Even when I swapped shafts, I wasnt as confident with the 915. I felt like I had to manufacture a swing to get it to work.
    The 913f was the same. I play a 15 set to D4 so 15.75 and love hitting it off the deck or tee. Was fit for a 915 16.5 with a different shaft but the larger head made it difficult to control off the deck. Sold that too.

    The shaft in the 913 D3 10.5 is Diamana Blue 62 Reg set to D4
    The shaft in the 913f 15 is Diamana Blue 72 Stiff also D4
    I was given a C16 10.5 that I am tinkering with. Using a Diamana Red 50 stiff C4 with the 12 gm head weight. jury is still out. Definitely lower launch
  18. I recently purchased a used 915 D3 7.5 degree (I set it to D1 6.75 degrees standard) with a Diamana D+ White 70 stiff flex shaft. The intent was to possibly gain a few yards and chase my 913 D3 with a Fujikura Fuel 50 regular flex shaft out of the bag. At 56 years old and still having a 112 swing speed, the 915 resulted in a low draw. All things equal, I swapped out the shafts. Bingo! One of the ranges I practice on is aboard Camp Pendleton, CA. The farthest range sign is 200 placed 3/4 up a hill (the hill is about 50 feet high). About 20 yards behind that is a 15 foot high net. The net was added about 4 years ago to keep heavy hitters from hitting off the range and I hadn't cleared that net since they put it up. Until today! Honestly, as age sets in, I'm not sure anything will chase this driver out of my bag. Center impacts are pure. Off center impacts towards the toe provided a light draw (10 yards right to left). I had no fades or slices. Extremely pleased with the 915 D3 and see no reason to upgrade.
  19. I just added the 917 D3 to my bag and boy let me tell you. First round out I’m 240 from the pin on a Par 5 into a brisk wind and about 40 degrees out and I stuck it to about 7 feet. Pleased with the feel and the forgiveness. Just ran the 915 right on out
  20. larry m

    larry m
    columbiana, OH

    I found the 915 to be longer and straighter than the 913 and 910. Do like the sound of 910 and 913 though
  21. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    Loved the sound of the 913 d2 but too much spin. TS2 sound is different but spin is way down. No brainer, yards over sound. Funny thing though, when you look at the sole they are backweighted the same.

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