New purchase of 2018 AP2s

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By Brian K

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    I recently purchased a new set of 2018 AP2s (5-PW & three wedges), total cost around $1,300. I purchased them from Vans Golf in Tucson Arizona. I was told it would take around 5 days for delivery. Well I called today after 8 days to check on the clubs and was told by the manager that the delivery date was change to the middle of February 2018 due to a shortage of grips. This is hard to believe. Then manager at Vans called Titleist and told them to send the clubs without the grips and Vans would put grips on them. I am a loyal Titleist guy but this does not sound like good business by Titleist.

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    Seriously blaming Titleist? Sometimes they have no control from outside vendors that supply items such as grips, shafts, etc. Some Golf Pride grips are high in demand right now and with every other company coming out with new stuff for next year makes it even harder. Just have Vans put them on for you! Titleist goes hand over fist to make their customers satisfied. Just saying!
  3. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    Apparently GP MCC 4+ and 4+ Alignment are "hot" have had varied availability. Some colors have been less of a problem. I've not had a problem with red - as always, 8 business days from order to delivery in WI. Titleist only has so much control on outsourced products for shafts and grips when much of their sales comes from custom specifications. I've a chance to see their order assembly area and there are just so many options and combinations, that 2 months of inventory would be a huge storage issue. Sorry you had an issue, but over the years, I've never had a problem with rapid service from Titleist.
  4. Tom P
    Stanley, NC

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    Maybe someone from the Team Titleist staff could check into this. A shortage of grips....never heard of such. Perhaps another choice of grips could be offered. There may be a breakdown in communication between Vans Golf and Titleist. Who knows ?? But for now.....yes, Titleist should be blamed. Their customer service is fantastic, but not always perfect.
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    I want to thank everyone for their input. I finally received the AP2 irons but am waiting on the three wedges. I did email Titleist but never did get a response. My wedges are expected to arrive around the middle of February. I have my fingers crossed.

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