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    I just bought a used set of AP1 with steel shafts. I would like to put a set of Recoil shafts in them. I have a set of irons now that have the Recoil shafts in them, F4 460 Do I need parallel or taper?

  2. Darron K
    Fate, TX

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    I would get a fitting done to ensure that the recoils with that head will be optimal for you and your swing. I have Recoils in my AP2's and love them but if I was to get another set I would get fit to make sure that shaft is still going to do what I want and I am comfortable with the feel of the shaft/head combo.
  3. Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

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    AP1 would be .355 taperd unless someone altered the bore- what shaft model is in them now?

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