714/716/718 CB Iron Version Difference

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By The Dom

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  1. The Dom
    San Diego, CA

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    Just wanted to pulse the group to see if anyone has feedback regarding the difference between 714/716/718 CB irons. I am currently playing a full set of 716 T-MB irons, but wanted to get an additional set to game. I was thinking of 718 CBs but wanted to see what everyone thinks of the previous versions also. I tried the 716 version when I was testing and eventually settled on my current set. Felt like the 716 AP2s with a little less forgiveness. What does everyone think?



  2. Mike H

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    I don’t know the difference between 718 and 716, but big changes from 714 to 716. The 714s do not have the tungsten in the long irons which makes the 716s a little more forgiving.
  3. Michael E
    New York

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    The 716 was a big change Titleist rep said the 716 CB was more forgiving than the AP2. I switched and never looked back. I belive they used a lil more tungsten in the 718 i swung them they felt great but not enough to switch, I love my irons

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