Lack of professional female golfers using Titleist irons

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By Elaine F

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    Team Titleist, Having been using Titleist irons, fairway metals, drivers and vokey wedges for several years now. I plan to get fitted this year for another set of clubs and am wondering why Titleist does not market the female golfer? Is this a market that they don't want to go after for some reason? I don't know any other female golfers (friends or professional) that play Titeist irons specifically. Can you shed some light on the topic? Is this something you would consider?

    thank you for your time and consideration of my post.

    VR/ Elaine

  2. Megan D

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    I wonder about this all of the time too. I wonder if Titleist would sign an LPGA tour player. Also, a lot of players I have noticed don’t have club contracts on LPGA Tour.

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