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By Tyler B

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  1. Tyler B
    Zeeland, MI

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    I had a pro place an order for a set of 718 MBs with PX 6.5 shafts about a month ago, and I found out about 2 weeks ago the shafts were backordered, my expected ship date was 10-14 from that point. Still haven't shipped yet, is there any update you can provide on this backorder? If it's going to extend for another chunk of time, can I update my order to a shaft you have in stock?

    Thank you, Tyler

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    Hi Tyler, We have been waiting on the shipment from True Temper for those shafts and it appears they sent us a partial shipment and not all the shafts, yet.
  3. Tyler B
    Zeeland, MI

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    Thanks for the update, Cathi. When is the rest of the shipment scheduled to be received? If not in the near future, does Titleist have PX 6.0s or PX LZ 6.5s in stock that I can change my order to? Thanks!
  4. Keith M
    Acworth, GA

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    Tyler, sorry that you're dealing with the backorder. I was fit on 1/29 for AP1 with PX 6.5s. Called out to the club yesterday since I was curious and was told about two weeks previously (and needed a tee time.)

    Our pro called Titleist and was told 23rd possibly when they would get the shafts and I was looking at the end of the month before my clubs would come in. Titleist would even overnight my clubs, which I appreciate.

    Was hoping to have them for our parent/junior event on the 24th, but I just have to be patient. I'm really looking forward to when they arrive.
  5. Tyler B
    Zeeland, MI

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    Hey Keith, yes.. just practicing my patience as well. Titleist must be receiving limited shipments and fulfilling their orders in the order they came in?

    I talked to my guy earlier this week, he was told a ship date of 2/15, he said he'd confirm today for me. Hoping to find out they are on their way. Hoping you get yours soon, I cannot wait until they arrive either!
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    Hi Tyler, We did receive partial orders so if you were one of the first waiting, your order should be one that is being built.
  7. Tyler B
    Zeeland, MI

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    Thanks for the update Cathi! It sounds like my set was shipped a few days ago and should arrive tomorrow or Thursday. Can't wait! Thanks again

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