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By Don F

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  1. Don F
    Longview, TX

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    Does a higher kick point give a lower ball launch? Talking about woods and graphite shafts. I hit the ball and would like to bring the ball flight down some? Looking at the Diamana S+/D+ shafts. I have a Diamana Blue MId 70 but was looking at replacing it with the D+ if that will lower my ball flight.

  2. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    Shafts are not free. Sure-fit adjustments are. Have you already adjusted your 9.5 driver to 8.75 degrees? The D line (white board) will be a lower flight than the S line (blue board).
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    Don F.

    Yes your correct, the higher the kick point the lower the launch, and the opposite is the same, the more tip active or softer the tip of the shaft the higher the launch.
  4. Gary D
    Cranston, RI

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    The rule of thumb I use is this: High kick point is for control and lower ball flight, Low kick point is for distance and higher ball flight. On my driver I play either a high kick point regular flex or low kick point stiff flex and get approximately the same distance and control with both.
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    Great advice Gary!
  6. Don F
    Longview, TX

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    Since the closet place to get a good fitting is 2hrs away, i am trying to make an educated guess. Lol. Im not very educated. I have a 95mph club head speed so any thoughts on which of the 4 standard shafts and i think i would stick with stiff flex.
  7. Don F
    Longview, TX

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    With a 95mph swing and no fitter within a couple of hours, I am just trying to get advice on which of the 4 standard shafts and flex would be best with the 917 D3. I hit the ball high and will get a mid size grip.

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