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By Andy

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    I’ve played the 910 D3 and 913 D3, both have the iconic “ting” sound at impact, something I especially love about the Titleist drivers.

    I hit the 915 D4 today and was shocked at how horrific it sounded. It is not a “ting” but a “TONG” on steroids. The first hit, I was literally startled at the sound. I checked the screws and they were tight, so I hit about three more balls then put the club away.

    Is this characteristic of the 915 in general or the D4 specifically?

    To the 915 D4 owners, how does your driver sound?

    To the 915 D3 owners, how does your driver sound?

  2. Keith S
    Enid, OK

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    I agree on the sound. However, I hit a mile and straight so I have learned to “love” the sound as long as the ball flies straight and long.
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    After hitting four 915 drivers … two D4s, a D2, a D3 … and hearing that obnoxious noise at impact with these clubs, I am convinced the louder sound than the 913 and 910 is the Active Recoil Channel feature new to this generation of club. Being a long time (twenty years) Titleist user … began with the DCI, then CB, then AP2, then MB, back to AP2, now AP3 … I make this next statement not casting insult but with honest disappointment. The sound of the 915 drivers are not pleasant at impact to me. What is even more disappointing, is they are the BEST LOOKING driver on the market. The subtle rainbow sparkle paint is gorgeous. The marketing hype talks about visually boosting confidence at address, but if at impact I know a horrible sound awaits my ears I do not have joy hitting this driver, even if it is longer than its predecessor. Unfortunately, my D4 head is destined to Ebay.

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