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By Deebers_86

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  1. Deebers_86
    Fort Saskatchewan,

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    I am thinking about cutting my 917 D3 Driver down to 44.5”, 917 F2 15 and 18 degree down to 42.5” and 42”. I have MRC white 70X 45” shaft in the Driver and 80 X(43” & 42”) in the fairway woods, Golf pride MCC std with 2 wraps total of tape. I would like to know what weights I will need to have the Driver at D5 and the FW at D4.

    Thanks, Ryan

  2. Chris92009
    Cincinnati, Ohio

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    Remember, this is just a ball park figure for most cases in determining swing weight adjustments.

    1/2" longer or shorter= 3 swing weight points

    2 gram club head weight change= 1 swing weight point

    5 gram grip change = 1 swing weight point

    9 gram shaft weight differences = 1 swing weight point

    4 degree flatter lie or more up right lie = increase or decrease 1 swing weight point
  3. Deebers_86
    Fort Saskatchewan,

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    Thanks for the info Chris, any clue what the swingweight is for the clubs I described above?
  4. Joel L
    Milton, GA

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    I have a 917D2, EFB 65g cut down to 44.5". I am using the 12g weight and swing weight is about D4 to D5.

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