Opinions on Hybrid’s Vs. Long Iron’s

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By Andrew D

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    I am currently looking for a new hybrid replacement. I am looking at the 818 H1 or a T-MB 2 or three iron. I like the look and feel of hitting an iron but a hybrid might benefit a junior golfer like me? Let me know your thoughts. -Andrew D

  2. Chris R
    Madison, MS

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    I looked at the new hybrids when they came out and discovered that I hit the AP3 4 Iron then the Hybrids. I too like the look of a iron vs a hybrid, but that is my opinion, others will like the hybrid. You always have a choice.

    Find a Titleist Thursday or go to a local fitter and try them all before deciding.

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    Andrew your best bet is to hit them side by side and see how they compare.

    Hybrids will make it easier to hit it higher and land softer on the greens. They also slide through the long grass a little better than long irons. They are a little more difficult to keep the ball lower than long irons. They will also be more forgiving on mishits.

    Long irons allow for a greater multitude of shots (opening/closing the face). typically they'll allow for lower ball flight. if you play open courses that are subjected to more wind or a course with a lot of trees that you might need to punch out of, you might want to consider a long iron.

    I like the T-MB myself, they are very easy irons to hit, but if I were to choose I would go with a hybrid.

  4. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Personal preference and forgiveness. I carry the T-MB 6-PW but use fairway woods and hybrids for my longer clubs. Works better for my lower swing speed and more consistent on miss-hits.
  5. Tom B
    Northborough, MA

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    I never was a hybrid guy. I was a good long iron player, loved my 1 iron. But my bag was 1-PW sand wedge, and depending on course, either a 3 wood or another wedge. Couldn't get out of trouble with a hybrid, they wanted to go in the air, and I could control the height of my long irons, keeping them down, in between trees, etc. Well, I finally tried a Titleist hybrid. 18 deg. Love boys, right away. Worked on the right shaft and depending on course sometimes no 3 wood, but just the hybrid. I still do have my 712U, precursor to the TMB, and I do love that too. That comes in and out, but the hybrid stays all the time now.
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    Also agree with Josh's comments. I carry an 816 Hybrid 3-iron and a 718 T-MB 2-iron. The hybrid launches much higher and is more forgiving. The 2-iron is a lower, penetrating flight that rolls forever and is great for punch shots.

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