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By AWells

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    I bought my Titleist 718 AP2 last fall and they came with the Golf Pride Tour Velvet white grips, and my local shops don't seem to have them. Even inquiring they just show me the Lamkins which are not the same. Are we able to order directly from Titleist? if so, where because I can't seem to find it here on this site. I would like to put a matching grip on my 910 Hybrid and 910 Driver. And perhaps maybe later on my Vokey wedges but I'll wait and see on those. Any info would be great and thank you!

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    I have asked about these grips also. Titleist won't sell these grips to regular golfers. A rep from Golf Pride told me Monday that these grips should be available to purchase in May.
  3. Rob_Roth1
    Titusville, NJ

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    when they are available use this:
  4. Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

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    A little while ago Titleist confirmed that Golf Pride had indicated that they would carry that grip but didn't give a timeframe
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    Check with your local PGA Professional. He/she can get them for you.

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