By Blake B

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  1. Blake B

    Blake B
    Panama City Beach

    So I can not hit a 3 wood. I just can’t. I have had 2 lessons, and tried to correct it myself. No luck. Wondering if anyone does not carry a 3 wood? I can hit my 3H well enough to replace it. After 3H I have my 4 iron. There is about a 30 yard gap between the two. I’m wondering if the T-MB 3 is worth a look? Any advice will be helpful.


  2. Gary D

    Gary D
    Cranston, RI

    I carry a 5 wood and no 3 wood. Just don't have the club head speed to get the 3 wood to fly. Also use a 3,4, and 5 hybrid. Longest iron is the 6. Have no trouble playing long holes and long courses. Just practice your short game and lag putting. Its the great equalizer.
  3. Speedy

    Newmarket, NH

    Well.. Here's ONE tip i got and so far it seems to be working well with my 5 wood, not my 3 wood. my 3 wood is currently in Florida with my other set but will be getting it back in a few weeks..

    Anyways, try this but not sure if it will help you. Can't hurt to try right? When you set up, focus on the middle of the golf ball at address, don't focus in front or behind the ball. Just the middle... With the swing you have today, just keep your focus on the middle of the ball.. For some reason, i tend to hit the ball solid, not all the time but A LOT better then before...

    So far for me it has worked out, on mats that is.. Still snow on the ground here in the northeast so once it clears out, i'll be trying that on grass and see how it goes..

    Also make sure the ball is place more towards ya front foot versus ya back foot..
  4. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    I personally would suggest a 4H that matches your 3H. The less variation between clubs the more consistent you will likely hit them. Maybe the T-MB if your 4-PW are all MB's.
  5. I have a 16 degree hybrid in the bag instead of a 3 wood. I’ve never hit a 3 wood that great. It’s a bit of a shame that the only non Titleist club in my bag is the 16 hyb.
  6. I looked at your irons, you must be tall & your lie is probably 3 up from old standards. Have you adjusted lie all the way up? Also shaft is probably too stiff. Try the lie adjustment & add the loft to square the face.
  7. I have a 3 wood, but only use it off the tee or to try to reach a par 5 in 2. Instead most of the time I use a 17.5 degree 915 Hd set to C2 (16.75). It is almost as long as the 3 wood and I have a lot more confidence in it. I think you will find that for most golfers the 3 wood is their most difficult club to hit.
  8. Blake B

    Blake B
    Panama City Beach

    *UPDATE* watched a 2 minute video on YouTube before my round yesterday. I was hitting my 3 wood consistently 240 off the deck with a 3 yard fade. I was apparently putting too much weight on my back leg. Could have saved $150, and a half dozen golf balls. Thanks for the replies!
  9. what are YOUR--3 wood results? topping it? Slice? hook

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