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    Summerville, SC

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    I am wondering will Titleist ever go back to more traditional lofts in the AP1 iron? The last set that had more traditional lofts was the 712 AP1 set which allowed for a more realistic wedge setup. There are still players out here who are decent ball stickers who might not have the game for the AP2/AP3 line, but still prefer similar lofts to those models. Am I the only one who feels this way?

  2. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    My bet - No. The competition is using even stronger lofts than the AP1s. When someone says the competition 6 iron is longer than the AP1 5 iron, it may be because Titleist still uses a traditional length on the AP1s and their 6 iron is 1 degree stronger. Since the AP1 is listed as a game improvement iron and not a player's iron, the market is different than the AP2's market. Just ignore the number and know your irons as the 120 yard or the 140 yard club. Even if you now carry a W in place of a P as your shortest iron.
  3. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Don't look for it any time soon. Since the competition uses strong lofts to fake people into believing they hit it a club longer, all industry must follow suite or look like their products are not as good. Just take out the 3 or 4 iron and add a gap wedge.
    Summerville, SC

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    Thanks gents your responses make perfect sense. I didn't look at it from that point of view.
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    No. And not only from reasons mentioned. AP1 construction allows the ball from say 7 iron to have higher trajectory than AP2 7 iron with 4 degrees weaker loft. If they would change loft of AP1 7i, and kept the shaft as it is, it would go sky high...
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    Bottom line is find out your loft on your clubs and see how far each one carries and gap accordingly. It’s not about numbers on clubs anymore as much as simply knowing YOUR clubs and how far each will carry. You still have to hit the ball X amount of times to get from point A to point B. I agree with Peter above in that the AP1’s are simply different clubs with different construction and I’m betting that many that use those clubs need all that they can give.

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