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By Drew D

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    I have been playing the 718 AP2’s for a couple months now. I was properly fitted, but I can’t seem to hit my pitching wedge straight...hooks every time. My dimensions for the clubs are standard length and 3* upright. I thought 3* was a little severe, but it has really straightened my ball flight out and I’m playing great. I was fitted upright because the toe was catching first, shown by response tape. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem? Possible fixes?

  2. B.A.
    Los Gatos, CA

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    As of late, I have been using different lie angles on different clubs to even out the direction. I have found that for me, it makes a difference.

    If you are hooking the ball and you are setup 3 degrees upright... some things I would check are:
    1) I would first make sure the grip is on straight.
    2) Take a weaker grip and see what happens.
    3) Try your best to hit a fade and see if you can. Sometimes we do different things with different clubs. It gets in our heads. You may be simply convincing yourself that you'll hook it and therefore you do.
    4) Flatten out the lie.

    I'd go in that order.
  3. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Drew, use some marking tape to see if your PW is hitting towards the toe or if not, you may just be closing the club too much with a strong grip or an out-to-in swing with a closed face. Try opening the club or weakening you grip a little. Good luck!
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    Appreciate the suggestions fellas I'll give them a try. Just thought it was strange considering I have never had this problem before.
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    If you got fitted for 5 iron at 3 up. Short irons do not have to be as much upright because shaft length is shorter with less head drooping during swing. I am club builder and I would adjust lie's of 9 & pw to 64 degrees. Recheck impact point with spray on clubhead, If it in the center you should be good. Every club could could have a slight different strike. You can really dial in the clubs with adjustments done at a shop with hitting bay & loft,lie bending machine.

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