917 D2 paint chipping

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By Les K

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    Has anyone experienced paint chipping on a 917 driver? Mine is right on paint line where the face and crown meet. Clearly not a great shot but seems like the paint shouldn't chip - scratching I would understand.

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    Blame the strike, not the paint. The crown isn't made to hold up to ball strikes, the face is.
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    Any pics?
  4. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    My crown chipped when I stepped on it. Definitely my bad.......
  5. Iain.H
    Glasgow, East Dunbartonshire

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    I have same issue no fault with club just poor tired strike towards end of round .
  6. John W.
    Lansing, MI

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    Same thing with my 915 D2. Too many balls on the range, tired myself out and hit one with all my weight on my back leg. Totally my fault, and like Robert said, the crown paint isn't made to withstand contact.

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