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By Justin V

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  1. Justin V

    Justin V
    Milton, MA

    Hi TT - put my new 818 H1 in play this week for the first time A1 setting with draw weight. Hit two phenomenal shots with it and was in awe of the majestic-high ball flight. That said, both times i thought i had hit the hosel because of the sound. It sounds like a wood 2x4 at impact. Very different than what i was used to with my 915 hybrid. Is this normal? Thanks. Justin

  2. I'm playing the 915H and noticed that too when I demoed the 818H1. Especially going from the 915FD to 917F3 as well. I don't own the 818H1 but definitely know what your referring too. I think it's either the SureFit CG or the maybe even the closed sole slot may be changing the sound and feel from the 915 line.

    I can't say it's a bad feeling or sound, but they definitely don't seem to have springy old steelhead feel and sound, much more muted dull sound and feel, but that's just my $.02 (again not bad but definitely a noticeable difference than I'm used too)
  3. Blake B

    Blake B
    Panama City Beach

    Now this may not be the case with you, but I can tell you what it was in my similar experience. I couldn't figure where the sound was coming from so I comletely took the head off the shaft. I then re-attached it, and tuned it to my setting. I took 5 more shots, and viola! Back to normal!
  4. Justin V

    Justin V
    Milton, MA

    Ok thanks for the advice. I’ll give it a shot. Performance is amazing with this club...I’m sure I’ll figure out the sound. It’s also the only club I’m using the draw/fade weight in.

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