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By Doug E

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  1. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    To get you up to speed for my question, a little preamble.

    I have not played a 4 iron since 2011 before I got my first set of AP2-712s that November. At that time, never hit a 4i well and felt I would be better off with hybrids in place of longer irons. Actually I struggled a bit with my AP2 5i and switched that out to an AP1 5i. I was about a 12 hdcp then. Over the years my swing has gotten much better, more efficient and certainly a lot more consistent. I now play at a 7-8 handicap. I play a combo set of AP2-716s and AP3-718s, which I hit all very well through the 5i. For awhile, I was playing 3W, 5W, 21* 818H1, then my 5 iron. But due to issues with gapping between my AP2s and AP3s, of which I won't go in to detail here, I have been playing both an AP2 and an AP3 7 iron, giving me one too many clubs. Once we got back in posting season, I had to make a change. I opted to put a new 19* 818H1 into the bag and take out both my 915F 5W and 21* 816 hybrid, thinking I could manage the gap with the new 19H. Nope!

    I am hitting the 818H1 19* as long as I was my 5W....or longer. When I try to choke down to take something off (which I kind of thought would be the easy fix), it doesn't necessarily compute in my head and my swings are often less than ideal when I shorten up. Too much to think about, too uneasy over the shot. On full shots with it, I feel like I'm on Tour! Awesome club. Love it. In any case, the gap between my AP3 5 iron and the 19* hybrid is way too big. So I will have to add something in between and deal with dropping one of the two 7 irons by bending my 8i stronger, I guess.

    I hit my AP3 5 iron very well now. So, I am confident, with my much better swing than 8 years ago, I can hit a 4 iron nearly as well. I'd rather not carry two hybrids (though a 21 degree 816 or 818H2, with the smaller head does appeal to me a little). After not playing a 4i for many years, I think I would like to ease back into it. At first I thought, something more forgiving would work, like an AP1-718 with a lighter, graphite shaft. But, I hit my AP3 5i well with the AMT Black shafts, so maybe just add the 4i in that set up for consistency.

    Most places where I can be fit in my area only have 7 irons to work with. That's no help. Consequently, I'm not sure which path to take. I went to Golf Galaxy yesterday to see if I could hit them both, even without a graphite shaft in the AP1, but they had very little there to demo. They did, however, have a T-MB 718 4i. I put that in my hands and set it in position and felt like, WOW, this looks nice. I wonder how easy it is to hit? Now I have added this 3rd option to my potential 4 iron acquisition..........and am getting a bit confused.

    Will a Titleist Thursdays fitter have 4 irons in each iteration to try? Though I'd love to take a trip to Manchester Lane, that ain't happening anytime soon. So what option do I have to try them each, with different shafts and flexes, preferable off turf, not mats?

    Any experience you guys have with any of the aforementioned 4 irons (or even 3 irons) and their shafts, relative to your hc might be helpful info for me, so please, your opinions are welcomed.

  2. I too had your very problem when I gamed png i200 irons. Solid bats but I just couldn't get on with the 4iron or even the 5iron sometimes.

    When I went to the titleist fitting centre I thought initially I would be fit for a full set of AP3's but the fitter convinced me that it was actually a 4&5 iron in TMB and 6-PW in AP2.

    What I'm trying to say Doug is that whatever you might think you should have in the bag there's a myriad of options that you will never think of but the titleist fitter will.

    They will have all the options available to you at that titleist Thursday event.
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I feel your pain. Thinking I was sliding, I ordered AP3 7-P. The seven was going so well, I got a 6. The six has been going so well and a rental 5I AP1 went so far, now, should I get a 5I AP3? At the TT where I was fitted, they definitely had AP2, T-MB, and CBs in a stock shaft (not adjustable) for at least 3-P. Except for LH, which was only in the 7I for fitting. If you can schedule a Thursday fitting in enough of Advance, the Titleist rep can check to see what he can make available.
  4. 19hole

    Woburn, MA

    They should have the 4 iron in each club to try, but that will not have changeable shafts.

    Your options are varied to fill you gaps. I went through this same thing this spring. I play 7-PW in MB, 5-6 in CB. I then went to a 23 degrees H2 set to 24 degrees and a 21 degree H2 then to a 5W. I had a gap bewteen the 5i and 23 degree. This spring I took the 5w and 21 degree out. I added a 19 degree H2 and an AP3 5i. The AP3 is a half in long and 1 degree strong. Gap problem solved.
  5. Hi Doug,

    I play the 716 AP2's with KBS FLT's in stiff. I am a 7 index. When I was fitted last summer I opted for an AP1 4-iron for added forgiveness. While it didn't necessarily suit my eye it was extremely forgiving and springy off the face. I did test a 716 T-MB that day but for whatever reason my numbers weren't as good.

    My typical miss is left. And since playing these clubs for a year I've found that my miss with the AP1 4-iron may be exacerbated due to the offset. I recently grabbed a lightly used 718 T-MB 4-iron and had my local club guy swap the shaft to my specs. I went with a KBS Tour Stiff (not FLT) figuring that if I observe the launch to be too low, I can just swap with the FLT.

    Unfortunately my guidance kind of stops there. I haven't had much time with the T-MB yet. The range at my course is not long enough for me to hit a 4-iron. Hitting punch shots I found it to be forgiving and "clicky" off the face. I liked it and am headed out to the course to play today. I suspect I'll be very happy with it.

    Feel free to DM me for any updates. Best of luck.

  6. Sean N

    Sean N
    Coshocton, OH

    My son was recently fit for new 718 AP2 irons, but the 4 iron was going the same distance as the 5 Iron. The Titleist Thursday fitter, John Dal Santo, recommended trying a 23 degree 818 H1 instead of the 4 iron. I was skeptical, but it definitely filled in the gapping very nicely!

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