Ap3 with LZ 5.5 or 6.0 shafts

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By Dustin H

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  1. I currently play 714 ap2’s with kbs tour stiff shafts.. I don’t play as much anymore and need a irons that are easier to hit with some extra distance. I’m sold on the AP3 and I’m ordering them as soon as I figure out the shaft I need. Project x LZ is the shaft I think that will fit me best. I like the regular PX but the 6.0 is alittle stiff. I’ve never hit the 5.5 but if I was gonna get regular PX that’s what I’d get.. I’m torn between 5.5 LZ and 6.0 LZ.. I don’t bring the club to parallel and have a moderate transition and my club head speed isn’t very much, probably 95-100 with a driver.. any idea on what would fit me best? Also would the swing weight change any with the LZ compared to the stock AMT’s? Any help would be appreciated

  2. 19hole

    Woburn, MA

    Before you order anything get to a Titleist Thursday and get a proper fitting. Unless you do, all you will be doing is guessing. Asking all of us to help you make your decision without any of us actually seeing your swing or ball flight is not going to help you. Clubfitting is part skill and part art. A good fitter will get you sorted with the right equipment.
  3. I’ve got flighted 6.0’s in my 714 ap2’s but after going along to the Titleist Thursday fitting yesterday I found the LZ shafts were 100% better in the ap3’s in the long irons for me. Such a better flighted shot for me personally. Best thing to do is pop down to your nearest fitting centre and test them out.
  4. I don’t have any close by.. it’s mostly about weight with me honestly.. was there any difference in swing weight between your flighted 6.0 and the LZ 6.0? That you could tell Atleast?

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