Ap2 718 DG S3OO Swingweight

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By Philip M

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  1. Philip M

    Philip M

    I'm going to buy a set of AP2 718 irons with DG S300 shafts. They will be +1/2'' long and 2 degree upright. If I use a multi compound grip with 3 layers of tape will I be able to get a D4-D5 swing weight? Thanks

  2. John T

    John T
    Youngstown, OH

    I would say yes. See the graphic below for a rough guide of changes with effect on swingweight. Grip tape won't materially affect swingweight (unless you are using strips of lead tape too). I have AP2 716's with DG AMT shafts that I extended 1" and use TT Multi Plus 4 grips. My swingweights now seem to be in the D5-D7 range.
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