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  1. Hey all. Just bought the new 718 ap1’s. Hit them twice, keep them very clean and use them very gentley. I feel they scratch super easy and they almost look like they are pitting. Anyone having this issue?? Thanks

  2. ken h

    ken h
    Savannah, GA

    I have a two month old set that is starting to show wear on the sole just below the hosel. I just sent up a message about it.
  3. Roy McAVOY

    Roy McAVOY
    Oswego, NY

    I replyed to Ken H’s post, I noticed this after 1 round, scuffing, no pitting.
  4. I’ve hade mine for 6 months look like there 2 years old but I love them one of the best irons I have hit
  5. I agree they tend to look as if they pick up scratches easier. I think its due to their being cast and not forged. They are buffed in the factory, but without that nice forged finish, I'm just resigned to them not looking as nice as they did that first day. I buff mine with a sheep's wool cloth and it helps some. Haven't noticed any pitting, though, but I tend to use impact tape on all my clubs on the driving range which keeps them from picking up much of the trash - sand, pebbles, etc. - that seems to live on a range and helps me ensure I'm hitting in the sweet spot "most" of the time.

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