Red/Black 360 grips

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By swalsh

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  1. Anyone know if its possibel to buy replacements anywhere ?

  2. Hello, Those grips are Tour Velvet grips with red paintfill used for our demo and Trial clubs so that we can quickly identify the clubs at fitting and demo days. We don't sell those grips, but if you are looking for a grip that feels the same, the new Tour Velvet white is the same grip with white paintfill instead of red. Those are available through Golf Pride distributors.
  3. hi cathi, ordered clubs, received my 818 H2, 718 AP2 5-PW, SM7 GW/SW all with Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grips with white/black speckled look (for lack of a better description); interestingly the 917 D2 also has Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 but with a red/black-speckled grip, the 917 F2 has Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 has a all-black grip.

    as per your comment above, are the D2 & F2 grips from the demo and/or trial clubs, which are not sold? it's confusing when u describe a grip as "white paintfill, or red paintfill"? thx

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