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By Michael S

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  1. I recently had a rattling inside my driver head (915 d3 9.5) and found out it was loose hotmelt in there, I removed a pretty good sized glob of it through the hole where the weight goes, I am wondering if this is going to affect the production of my driver. I’m not too sure the reasoning of having the glue inside the head so any information would be a big help.

    Thanks, Mike

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  2. Fred C

    Fred C
    Mansfield, TX

    Wow. That is a pretty big glob. It does happen, though, with all brands. Hopefully, you can find a shop that can reapply hot melt to get the swingweight back to normal.
  3. John T

    John T
    Youngstown, OH

    The hotmelt is like a glue that is injected into club heads for swingweighting. You might find that your club now feels really light when you swing it. You can use some lead tape to reweight the club and get your original feel back if you wish.

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