Paint scratch marks on 917 f.

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By tross

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  1. I purchased 917 f2, 15 degree. I hit balls off center of face, 1, I mean 1 ball was high off toe. Paint came off of club head. I can understand if it was a repeated swing fault, but this was one ball. All the companies are so concerned about visual compulsive purchases, that they look over durability. This is a golf club, it has a purpose to strike the golf ball.

  2. The face of the club doesn't have any paint on it; that is meant to take ball strikes. The crown, and paint on the crown isn't made to take ball strikes from a skied hit.
  3. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    I get it, its always tough when you make a big purchase and get that first bad scratch, scuff, or ding. It's certainly not a new thing. I've had it happen years ago. Its probably a bit more frequent since balata balls are a thing of the past. Solid balls to seem to be a little tougher on the painted surfaces and/or edges. That said, i watch out for the guys who carry worn clubs. those are usually the guys that put in the time and will wax you pretty good on the golf course.
  4. Pete D

    Pete D
    Haverhill, MA

    Can you post a picture? Hard to imagine paint coming off.

    I have a new 917F2 and a new 818H1 and have caught a couple of balls just a bit fat, resulting in a bit of a "splat" mark on the club face. It's kind of like the first scratch on a new car. I've seen a suggestion of using a black Sharpie to darken the little scrapes, but haven't bothered.
  5. john h

    john h
    Schenectady, NY

    If you hit just 1 shopping cart with your car, would you be surprised if paint came off?
  6. I have painted alot of cars. The amount of pigment in paint, proper priming, & baking the the clear coat applied can be extremely durable, this is enamel paint not a lacquer finish. I have done alot of refinishing, not just automobiles. I now the difference.

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