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By Andrew

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  1. Andrew

    Appleton, WI

    Okay TT,

    Here is my situation. I currently have a 915 F 18 5 wood that has on the stock (what it came with) Diamana D+ 80 gram stiff shaft. I am looking to get a little more launch out of it, so I am wanting to replace it with an extra Diamana S+ 70 gram shaft that I have out of a 3 wood. While there is only 1/2 difference in the length, I noticed something the other day.

    While I would normally just remove the grip, and butt trim the shaft 1/2 inch, when I put the two 5 wood (with the D+) against my 3 wood (with its own S+) I see that the graphics on both completely line up, and that the 3 wood appears to have a longer tip section.

    Hope I am making sense here, but this struck me for a minute and I am not 100% sure if I can just do a 1/2 trim now. Were the graphics done after the fact just to be visually consistent sitting on the rack? Or were these trimmed a specific way?

    Again it has me doing a double take. Other option is just to play the 5 wood 1/2 longer (no big deal) but wanting to make that extra shaft the same as a standard 5 wood.

    Thoughts anyone?


  2. Hi Andrew, The reason you are seeing the graphics in different places is that standard tipping is different in the 15° vs the 18° We would have tipped the 15° 1/2" and the 18° 1" (unless requested otherwise)
  3. Andrew

    Appleton, WI

    Thanks Cathi. I was wondering why the graphics line up the way they do. So if I am wanting to utilize an S+ shaft from a 15 3 wood in an 18 5 wood I would need to have the shaft removed from the Titleist adaptor and the 1/2 inch removed from there?

    I have been trying to find a "used" 5 wood shaft to avoid this.

    Does Titleist have any spare 915 S+ 70 stiff stock shafts laying around?


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