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By Gary B

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  1. Gary B

    Gary B
    Jacksonville, NC

    Good morning all. While waiting on the release information for the TT Invitational, I just thought I would share my new Irons story. My previous set of irons was the 716 AP1's. Had the head pro at Jacksonville Country Club order me a mixed set of AP's. Went with AP1 4 and 5 iron, and AP2 6-PW. They came in about 2 weeks ago. 1st round, I was beginning to wonder if I made the right decision. Kept hitting them a bit fat, and not getting the results I was looking for. 2nd round went a bit better, about my average score (12 HCP). On the 3rd round on Wednesday, I shot my personal best 75. Could have actually been even par, but I had a 3 putt on what I consider the easiest hole on our course. I'm hoping that the rain holds out today so I can get an afternoon round in today to validate my round.

  2. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    So, you are setting us up for our event in Myrtle Beach on the 13th. Hmmmm. Guess I better get some range time in before then. With my handicap around 12 from the senior tees, that should put you and I about even. And with Keith being hot with his swing change he and David should be bout even. Congrats on the new set up. Very happy for you Pal. Call you if I go to the TTI.
  3. Tapping my fingers waiting anxiously as well Gary!!

    Congrats on the PB and other good rounds. I too have a combo set of 718 AP1 in the 5-7 AP2 in the 7-P, i have both 7 irons as they are 4 degrees apart in loft, so it maintained that gap.

    Do you have a big gap between your 5 and 6 irons, or did your order them bent to account for that?

    Hope to see you in .....??????? this fall :)
  4. Gary B

    Gary B
    Jacksonville, NC

    There is a gap, but I have been adjusting the length on the grip to account for the gap. So far it is working great. Followed up my personal best this afternoon with another solid round. Working on a couple different putters now to see which one will make the cut.
  5. Travis S

    Travis S
    Toronto, ON

    I should have read your post before posting my own! I am getting fit next week and leaning towards AP3 in one irons and then AP2 for 5 and up. Thanks for the info on your experience!

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