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By bob c

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  1. bob c

    bob c
    St augustine, FL

    I've always played AP2 irons and this year trying the AP3's. Love the looks and distance however I do like the feel of forged irons like the ap2's. With same shafts has anyone compared the difference in distance seems to be about one club length to me? Secondly would it influence playability if I ordered ap2's 1 degree strong?

    Thanks Bob

  2. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    There is a sizeable difference. The AP3s are about 3* stronger. I play both an AP2 7 iron and an AP3 7 iron in my mixed set due to the difference and have nearly a 10 yard gap between them. The AP2 feels so much nicer though. I also like the smaller head of the AP2. In my mind, it gives me confidence for working the ball more.

    To your second question, 1* strong probably won't noticeably affect playability. It will reduce the bounce by 1*. In an effort to make some room for another club, I have considered bending my AP2 8 iron 2 degrees strong and removing the AP2 7 iron, but concerned about the bounce being reduced by 2*, even though it likely won't be an issue either.


    Bob, I've hit both the AP2's and the AP3's. My conclusion is that the AP3's were about a club longer than the AP2's (AP2 8 iron went the same distance as a AP3 9 iron).

    AP2's 1 degree strong shouldn't affect playability.

  4. Joseph M

    Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

    The AP3 difference in loft would certainly add some yards- these are totally different head designs so there could be other contributing factors. Lowering loft 1 degree will decrease bounce 1 degree so minimal if any effect on playability.
  5. HI Bob, In our testing, the AP3's were an average of 9 yards further when looking at the 7 iron so one club further would be about right. If you bend the AP2 irons 1° stronger, you should be fine. It will move the leading edge slightly lower to the ground, but we have increased the preworn leading edge on the 718 models, so that should not be an issue.
  6. Pat R

    Pat R
    Elizabethtown, KY

    I play 714 AP2 irons and recently took out a demo AP3 7 iron onto my home course. I found it to be a club longer each time I hit it. It played the same distance as my AP2 6 iron but flighted at my 7 iron height.
    It also felt great, nearly as good as my forged AP2 irons. I definitely thing the AP3 irons will be my next iron set!
  7. bob c

    bob c
    St augustine, FL

    Thanks for that information Cathi, based on your numbers the one degree would give me 3 to 4 yards. Other factor is that I do not take deep divots so leading edge should be ok don't you think?
  8. bob c

    bob c
    St augustine, FL

    I'm here to report I ordered the AP2's 1 degree strong and I has worked out perfectly! I'm actually hitting the ap2 same as AP3 distances. Not sure how much the 1 degree is making or the forged technology but the 1'degree strong is working, no gouging the ground with the beveled leading edge. Thank you cathi for your comments I'm thrilled with the soft feel and virtually no loss of distance

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