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By PSung

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  1. Current I am using 915 D4. The reason I am still on this driver was because Titleist did not make one in 917 series. I did try 917 D3 and D2, but it is not the same. It looks like it will be the same in TS series. That was the only driver I can get some distance on my drive. I had only my left arm function normally due to a car accident 13 years ago. Unfortunately, I generate a lot of spin in my driver, but with very low club head speed. As a result the ball climbs very high and does not go far. 914 D4 was the only driver I can hit with some distance. I tried all others manufacture low spin drivers, but most of them were worst than my D4. I am treating my driver like a baby, because I know I cannot replace it any more. It is shame.

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  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    TS2 looks like it will have some very different weight options so maybe it will turn out to get you better results. Nothing wrong with sticking to your 915D4 for a while. You might even search the web for a backup head just in case something ever happens to your gamer.
  3. I'd like to see them offer this again as well.
  4. JR F said:

    I'd like to see them offer this again as well.


    I'd love to see a real low spin bomber like the D4 come out again from Titleist.
  5. Keith S

    Keith S
    Enid, OK

    I agree. I love my D4. I remember all kids of people telling me the 917D3 was better and lower spin.

    I went and got fitted for one but wasn’t as accurate or as long as my D4

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