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    Wondering if anybody has had this experience. I couldn't be more confident hitting my 3 wood and it gives incredible feedback during and after the shot, I mean I really 'feel' the shot. I couldn't fell anymore opposite with the Driver in my hand. Now don't kill me, but my Driver is an M2 9.5º with a HZRDUS Project X 6.0 63g Stiff flex (friend got it at costemployee). The 3 wood is an r9 15º (2009 love the club) with a Motore Fujikura 70g stiff shaft.

    Any thoughts? My feeling is that I need to get to a fitter to see if the shaft just ain't right.

    FYI, all my irons and wedges are Titleist 718 them

  2. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Well D, until you switch over the driver, you will always struggle... :) TS2 or TS3 will cure all.
  3. Thomas Y
    Wenham, MA

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    D, maybe a lot of golfers wouldn't be consistent enough to know if a club is 'fit' to them. You may be in the other category. Just because it came to you at the employee pricing doesn't mean it fits you. Go to a fitting session (with any manufacturer, but we're Titleist people here) and see what recommendations are made to suit your swing type. Do a driver and a fairway fitting. It's not uncommon to have a different shaft in the driver and fairway, either. It comes down to what works, not what looks pretty, what costs less, what your buddies play, etc. Good luck!
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    A lot of the guys at the range love their R9, much more than their m3 or m4. I see it quite a few bags and everyone says its just a pleasure to hit. If you want serious feedback from a driver though, try the 917, as I was hitting the F3 and D2 during a Titleist Thursday (free fitting btw) and they were amazing. Try looking up a Titleist Thursday, you have nothing to lose and so many yards to gain!
  5. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    Besides my personal observation that TM metalwoods that I've played with at golf shows for the last 5 years feel dead to me, when I'm in the sweet spot on my 917 D2, the feel is awesome. Back to your issue - it sounds like you weren't fit for the M2. Titleist offers hundreds of shafts when you count all the weights and flex options - for a reason. No 2 golfers are alike. This is the Titleist fanatics site, so my recommendation is to consider getting fit at a Titleist Thursday or a Premier Fitting Center (find them above) now (917) or September (TS2/3). But all golfers benefit from having a qualified fitter get the right shaft/head combination.
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    Could be the shaft. Likely tho is the club. Newer model Taylor made drivers are not great for feel, and will not come close to an older model 3 wood just based on the size and structure.

    The large face and COR of the modern driver vs the smaller and heavier older 3 wood are no comparison feel wise.

    You could change the shaft to a 70g speeder to achieve a better feel. I can't imagine it being the same as your 3 wood
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    I hit all the hzrdus shaft cirrentky have it in my rouge. I assume it a black or yellow prob not a hand crafter but the are still low launch high touque. I jacked the lift on my driver to 12.5 with low launch spin hazdus try it
  8. larry m
    columbiana, OH

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    I agree with Jeff T.

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