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By david h

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  1. I have an opportunity to purchase a brand new set of ap3’s for 650.00. Reason being is the person won them at a tournament and prefers his png irons. They have the Nippon 950 shaft in them in stiff flex which is what I need. I am reading that this is a higher launch Shaft. Anyone have any feedback. I am hitting them tonight. Even if the shaft is not the one for me I am leaning towards buying and reshafting if need be. I will still be under the 1300 dollar retail price. Opinions please.

  2. I switched from png G’s for AP3s over the winter. You definitely need to make sure you have the right shaft, but the clubs are awesome. Definitely an upgrade over what I had. Still working on distance control, but no regrets.

    Summerville, SC

    I say buy them you won't be disappointed. These are the best of both worlds forgiving and workable. I recently switched from the 714 MB's to these and it's been the best investment I've made in my bag.
  4. Forget about the shafts and buy the clubs! That is an absolute steal for a set of AP3'S. I'm currently gaming them and they are superb.
  5. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    A retail set would be at base lie (zero degrees from spec). If you are within +/- 2 degrees, not a bad option. 4 degrees upright would use a different head.
  6. Doug H

    Doug H
    Little Chute, WI

    My opinion is if you were looking for AP3's I would buy them. What are you playing now? I play AP3 after playing AP2 since the intro for AP2. I "graduated" to the AP3 meaning I'm older and needed the extra game improvement aspects provided by the AP3 compared to AP2. All depends on what you want and what you are replacing. I love the AP3. They have resurrected my game.
  7. On the face of it, it's a good investment on your part. On a deeper level, have to take Doug H.'s input into consideration, also. Sometimes in the quest for a "bargain," we spend money on something that, ultimately, does not meet our needs, expectations, etc. If you KNOW you need new irons AND you've been considering or have been through a fitting process with the AP3s, then go for it...as you say, it IS a bargain price even if you have to replace the shafts. If, however, you need new irons but haven't tried the 3s or even begun your search in earnest, you might, and I emphasis "might," regret your decision.
  8. Took the plunge and spent the 500 on the new set with the project x 6.0 irons. Huge difference in felling from my old burner plus irons. Range session was so so. Hit of the grass which was all divoted up. Noticed lots going the same distance. Seems like I was really digging at it. Hope to get out on the course and give them a trial. Even if I don’t like the shaft and get new shafts I will still be under the retail price of 1300!!!

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