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By Vincent C.

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  1. Vincent C.

    Vincent C.
    Cincinnati, OH

    So I recently started to play a lot more golf joining a league for work, and am absolutely addicted. I had a set of swoosh's that I got years ago as high school graduation gift to replace the hand me down set of DCI's my grandfather gave me when I was younger. He was the one that first got me into golf and had a serious passion for the game. He was a Marshall at Firestone CC for years, and looking back I wish I cared more when I was younger and got to play there with him while he was still with us.

    Any way, now that I am playing a decent amount, I figured it was time to get a proper fitting set of clubs and I knew I wanted to go with Titleist. I went to my local shop and got fitted. I tried a number of different brands though just to do my due diligence, but nothing felt and played as well as the AP1's. I ended up getting a full set of new irons(4-PW), got a great deal on new sm6's(48,54,60), a used 915 3 wood, used 915 hybrid, and a new 5 stand bag. For now I am sticking with my swoosh Covert driver as it has taken me so long to hit it well and let's be honest, cannot exactly afford a new one just yet after the new set up.

    Nonetheless, I am just very excited to be apart of the Titleist community and whats to come! As I told my buddy who mentioned its the Indian not the arrow.... true but wouldn't you rather have the best arrow possible? Look good, feel good. Feel good, play good(lol atleast I hope)!

  2. Nice.
  3. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Welcome to TT and sounds like you have a great set up. Enjoy! Start stashing a little of your weekly coffee money in a jar and by Christmas, the new Titleist TS drivers will be available.
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Congratulations on your involvement in golf and your decision to get fitted. You still need the right arrows to make the best you. A new driver won't get you out with Justin Thomas but can add distance and accuracy over your current.
  5. I enjoy my 714 AP1s as they are very forgiving and longer than you expect. As long as you do not need the latest technology, you can get prior generation used clubs for much less than new. You should not have a lot of trouble selling used Titleist clubs either when you are ready for the latest models. Enjoy and play well!!
  6. Vincent C.

    Vincent C.
    Cincinnati, OH

    Thanks for the comments! I had the chance to play my first round with my new set at my golf league this week, and my partner and I shot par(our best score in 6 weeks). I had so much confidence behind the ball thanks to the new clubs!

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