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By vincent c

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    Anyone stamped their own wedges before? Ive watched some videos and it seems like a fairly easy process. Amazon has a set of numbers and letters for around $10, and a local guy wanted $100 to stamp my initials on all 3 of my wedges.

    My concern is damaging the wedge in someway by hitting the club to hard. Don’t want to ruin my brand new set of vokeys, but that extra $90 in savings could go towards the new TS2 lol. I know my buddies would love it if I could do their clubs as well.

    Any advice or info is much appreciated....thanks!

  2. Darron K
    Fate, TX

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    I got 1/8" and 1/4" stamps and the hammer below. Works like a charm. If you are concerned with damaging your club I would practice on older clubs.
  3. Joshua B

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    I have stamped...depends on the finish. Dont do it on a chrome finish, trust me. The letters you get from those sites you mentioned aren't the correct font (usually larger and thinner than the pro looking ones). You need a very heavy hammer, an anvil of some sort and plenty of heavy duty double foam tape. The issue with us hackers is you only get one chance, if you slide or mis hit it looks awful and uneven. Better to practice a lot prior or just pay up. Also be brave, you will most likely crack a fingernail doing it right.

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