Shipping Time for Upcharge shaft on T-MB 2 iron

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By Craig G

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  1. I ordered a Tour AD. DI 95x driving iron shaft on a T-MB 2 iron on July 1st through my golf club and was wondering what an estimated shipping time would be. I know the turnaround time is longer for a upcharge shaft, just curious if it's couple days or couple weeks. I have a couple tournaments coming up and wanted to see if they would be delivered in time for the tournaments.

    Thanks for the responses in advance.

  2. Tyler H

    Tyler H
    Appleton, WI

    Your club can call Titleist and get an estimated ship date.

  3. Jeff K

    Jeff K
    Rock Hill, SC

    I ordered a 718 TMB 3 iron with GD Tour AdDi shaft in June 11th , club is expected to ship on June 27th. Titleist is waiting to get the shaft in I’m told.

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