My 718 AP1 review

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By Peter M

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  1. TT, I chip in with my review of AP1, after having enough rounds. Some hard data first, my 7i SS is 82-84mph, driver SS is 95-100mph, with driver able to carry 220-230y on a good day. Used to be 14HCP, now playing seldom, so lets say a bogey golfer on a better day. After 10years I changed my irons from CallyX20Tour (think AP3, but less technology, but AP2 lofts) to AP1 718. I have a set of 8 clubs, 4i - 48deg. I have them with AMT Black Reg shafts (thats AP3 shafts!)

    Lets look first on 6i-48. For me these clubs increase my carry by 15+ yards compared with my old clubs. Lets say 10yards is due to stronger lofts by a full club, and 5y maybe due to technology. My expected carry of 7i is 150-155 from tee, somewhat less from fairway. Very happy with mid-high trajectory (happy with AMT Black shaft, I think AMT Red would kick it too high for me) and very happy with gained distance and very happy on gained confidence and consistency. Irons were traditionally my weaker part of game, now it is much more realiable asset. Bigger offset also straighten my shots somewhat, as I am a fader of ball and offset promotes draw bias. Great gapping of 10-12y between the clubs. The 48 I carry 105y. All in all 6i-48 is a really good set of standard clubs.

    The 4i and 5i are different construction. Hollow heads, more utility irons. They have mid trajectory and do not land as softly, due to landing angle and perhaps less spin as well. On the other hand, even with my swing speed, especially 4 iron is really hot, I carry 4i 195y no problem from tee. Actually it is 15y longer than 5i. Again great gapping between clubs on long end. And best is that I hit this 4i with more confidence than I used to hit 5iron of the old set (and 25 yards further....). Again, gained distance and confidence in the same time!

    I really recommend AP1 718 to anyone seeking confidence and consistency with their irons. If you are not friend with hybrids, the 4i is really easy to hit, for me easier than hybrids. Also if you fight a fade and slice with your wanna-be-players irons, going back to bigger offset helps. Anyone having HCP over 15 should not look else in Titleist range of clubs, and even many of single digits would not be disapointed. Yes, AP1 is not a blade, not small head and you get no envy looks, as they are a bit bulky. However, they still look great, they are not massive like SGI and I prefer the performance over looks.

    Have fun!

  2. Augie H

    Augie H
    The Woodlands, TX

    Just upgraded from the 710 AP1 to the 718 AP1 complete set from 4-GW in AMT Red regular flex. I have to say what an improvement from my old irons. All of my irons are between 10-15 yards longer and the dispersion is way tighter.

    Brightwaters, NY

    I had similar results after my Titleist Thursday Fitting. Beside the increase in yardage I feel the dispersion is the best I have ever had which has lead to more confidence and better scores. I have the 818 hybrids also .

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