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By ASpedoske

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  1. Guess im using this forum to vent a little. I was fit for ap3's in the spring by local reputable rep. He was told 10-12 business days, they showed up 5 weeks later after i cursed HIS business up and down. Now, for some reason, i ordered new vokey set 3 weeks ago and still waiting (should have learned my lesson i guess). I love titleist product, and i have for over 20 years. But, lifes too short to be waiting for something you paid an arm and a leg for!!!

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Sorry ASredoske. Sounds like your issue is with whatever distributor you used or maybe a non-standard upgrade like a different shaft that would not have been in stock at the manufacturing facility. My suggestion would be to find a different distributor in the future, someone you can talk with daily that will keep you better apprised of the status of your order. Most of us have been comfortable in the time it took us to receive our clubs and/or received good feedback on delays. Hope it works out better for you next time.
  3. I went to a Titleist Thursday fitting at the end of February at Pease Golf in New Hampshire. I ordered my AP3 set that day and had them in a week. I went to a Titleist Thursday free fitting two weeks ago for Vokey wedges and had them in a week. The Titleist fitting was a great benefit and experience, and the ordering process and delivery through the club pro was fantastic. Not wanting to cast stones, but your problem may lie with your fitter and their placing of orders. Often retailers combine orders to save on shipping and overhead costs.
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I've always had great results with ordering Titleist products. My orders consistently get to WI from CA in the 8-10 business days of ordering. On one occasion where I ordered a single iron from a retail outlet that missed placing the order, the local rep apologized and had the shipment expedited. So my problem has never been with Titleist. If your clubs have back orders of any of the components, you can be informed - if you work with your retailer and/or their Titleist rep on the status of the order, including the expected release date. Especially if the dealer misplaced or otherwise delayed placing the order. Titleist is one of the bright spots across all the products I buy for home and personal use.
  5. I received my iron set in less than 2 weeks that was because they had to order the shafts that I was fit into.
    I received my lob wedge that I ordered separately in about a week.
    I believe the problem was with the shop you placed your order instead of Titleist...
  6. Depends on the shafts you wanted....last year I ordered the 716 AP1s in the Smoke finish the day they came out.....shafts weren’t available for weeks....finally cancelled the order and then got a 718 AP1/AP3 combo set.

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