Changing from Steel to Graphite iron shaft

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By Steve N

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  1. Steve N

    Steve N
    Chapin, SC

    If I switch out the AMT White for Recoil Shaft in AP2 irons will this work? Or is there a difference in AP2 heads for graphite shafts?

  2. Hi Steve, We don't use different heads for graphite vs steel as our stock graphite shafts are low balanced shafts, which means that we can maintain swingweights when switching from stock steel to stock graphite. There are several different Recoil shafts, the 95, 110 and the 65. Assuming you are going to the 95 or 110, they will both build about 1 swingweight lighter. If we are doing the reshaft, we may be able to maintain the D2 swingweight upon request. If, you are reshafting with the Recoil 65, that shaft will build up to 3 swingweights lighter than the AMT White.
  3. mj

    Coquitlam, BC

    i was playing AMT Black and recently switched to Recoil 110; still taking time to make adjustment....i personally find a bit of the feel is gone with the graphite. And without a doubt there is a different ball flight. Normally i launch the ball high...and the graphite brought trajectory down....not a bad is different look to the shot.

    i'm gonna keep graphite for now....but not 100% sold on it...but will stay committed for bit..just to give it a chance....may switch back....right now wait and see...

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