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By jsilva

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  1. I have a 917 d2 with a aldila rogue black shaft 44.5 length so it's 1/2 inch longer than stardard what gram weight should I change to any suggestions

  2. So the shaft uninstalled is 44.5", or total playing length is at 44.5", or its at 45.5" total playing length (just a bit confused)?

    If it is playing .5" over stock length, from I just found online (take it for what is, just a quick Google search) it says adding .5" can then add 2-3 swing weight points (not counting how the balance of the shafts interacts in weighting, like more or less counterbalance of the shaft, or more weight in the tip section etc.).

    So if it is .5" over length that's 2-3 swing weight points, and 1 point equals 2G. So going by that the Surefit CG weight should roughly 4G lighter than a stock weight.

    Again this is only going off what I found online, and if possible I'd suggest finding a fitter to dial in the desired swing weight.

    Maybe someone else can help with a more concrete answer.
  3. Ok thanks for the help

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