New Iron Tips 718 AP1s

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By Justin Z

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  1. Justin Z

    Justin Z
    Berkley, MI

    Recently got these ap1s to replace my swoosh vrs. I was fitted for both sets. I know it is going to take some time to adjust to them but wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions for the switch. I am typically a feel player and hit my old irons pretty well. So far I have been hitting the ap1s pretty inconsistent. I have wondered if the offset has anything to do with it.


  2. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    It's a pretty big change going from your old clubs to the AP1s, so you may experience some inconsistency for a short time. I jumped from a set of 714 AP1s to the 718s and even for me there was an adjustment period. In my case it wasn't ball striking so much as with was distance control...the 718s are longer by about a club over the 714s (at least for me they are) and it took some time to adjust to the difference. Stick with the 718s and you will be striping them soon enough!
  3. Hi Justin, You don't say which VRS model you had, but, if it is the Covert 2.0, the offset difference ranged from .005 to .05 so maybe not the offset. We would recommend contacting your fitter and having him/her take a look at what you are experiencing. It could be several things including shaft, sole, etc.
  4. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Hi Justin,

    I had similar issue adjusting to my 916 AP1's from my Yonex ... As Cathi suggests go and see your fitter as they should be able to check your club set ups, just don't make the mistake I did and make swing adjustments without the advice of your pro/coach as I took me best part of the season and a lot frustration before a lesson got me back on track..


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