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By Mark N

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  1. Mark N
    Cascade, IA

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    How do I find information on some older model clubs? My son is looking at a used Titleist 915 fd 3 wood. Trying to find the specs on it to see if it is ok for him.

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    Hi Mark, It sounds like you are trying to check out the shaft. If it is a shaft that we still offer, it will be in our Custom Options Brochure. If it is a shaft that we no longer offer, you can find specs on many discontinued shafts in our Shaft Performance Guide. Here is a link to both:
  3. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    Check also if it is a fd2 or 3. The fd2 is generally easier to hit and generally launches higher. If Given they both have the same shaft If he can also get a chance to hit it set at the A1 (RH) position as a starting point, that would help.

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