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By Nick D

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  1. Nick D

    Nick D
    Long Beach

    I tried posting about this earlier but I do not see the thread and I am really looking for a little help... I bought a set of 714 AP2 from a very reputable seller on eBay and received them today. I noticed a couple things... they look to be more of a satin finish overall than most other retail sets and secondly, there is not serial number on any of the clubs (4-P). They have Modus 120X shafts in them which look to be authentic as well after pulling a grip. These irons look real to me in every other way, yet a magnet stick to them just about everywhere I place it... What I have heard is that retail sets have a serial number, custom order sets have a serial number on ALL the clubs in the set, and Tour Issue have no serial... I know fakes most often have serials that have been used time and time again, but I am looking for any input on this... If these are in fact fakes, they are done really well..LOL I have seen the hack job AP2 fakes out there. Anyone have any input on why they may not have a serial and why they may look a little different as far as the overall finish goes? Thanks in advance.

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