Lowest Launching/Spinning Stock Hybrid Shaft

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By Ryan M

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  1. Hello guys and gals,

    I'm Currently playing the 915H 21* and 24* in C1 with the gray D+90s stock hybrid shafts. Is there another lowering launching, and lowering spinning stock hybrid shaft out now or from the past than the D+90s?

    Just going off the Titleist comparison chart, the D+90 has 2.7* torque, Tensei White is 2.5*, both have the same CPM Butt frequency, but the D+90 seems to be stiffer in the tip with 831CPM vs Tensei White 820CPM, but D+ has a touch less torque.

    So I'm just trying to find the lowest launch/spin stock shaft as I can in the 90g region in stiff flex.

    Thanks for any and all help.

  2. Any shaft guys out there that can help?
  3. Any shaft guys out there that can help?

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