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By Blake v

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  1. Blake v

    Blake v
    tampa, FL

    Hey Team Titleist,

    So I have been playing a 15 degree 917f2 for a while and a buddy of mine recently switched to cally and gave me his old 16.5 degree 917f2. I was reading online which one would be better for me, but i’m not sure I can make heads or tails of it. I’m about a 4 handicap and I flight the 3 wood really well. I read that the higher loft of the 16.5 degree 3 wood will give me more distance and give me a little more control, but i’m still very attached to my 15 degree wood. Any thoughts on the matter?


  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Since you now have both, just go to the range and hit them until you decide which works best for you. I personally play the 16.5 but tend to hit all my clubs a bit lower than average.
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Dale is correct. The 16.5 won't necessarily be longer for you. But in my old hands, no question, it is. One difference for you is the 15 can be adjusted to 16.6 via the Sure-fit, but will be more closed, more likely to draw. Have fun trying. The 16.5 can also be adjusted out to 18 degrees (still a more closed face) as an alternative to a 5W. The 16.5 can be referred to as a 4W if that helps you distinguish them.
  4. Zangetsu


    Noticed with playing partners with a more downward attack angle or bit slower SS, that they do better with a higher lifter wood, I personally am more of a fast sweeper ( must have been a janitor in a previous life). So for me the 13,5 works best, tend to balloon higher lofted woods.

    So i’d go an hit a bucket or two on the range and figure out which works best for you. Also if i’m correct you could also add extra loft to your 15* 3wood and make it a 16,5 yourself.

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